Accommodation Rates

  • The listed prices of our rooms are in euros per room and per night.
  • The listed prices include VAT and local tax.
  • The listed prices do not include residence tax 1,5€ per night effective from 01/01/2018 according to law 4389/2016.
  • Quoted room rates do not include breakfast supplement.


  • Breakfast charges for the use of our breakfast buffet are applied per day per person 
  • If your reservation does not include breakfast but you wish to make use of our buffet please advise our reception the night before
  • If you have registered for a breakfast supplement, a cancellation of the supplement can only be made the day before and not on the day of declared breakfast usage.

Check In / Check Out

  • Upon arrival, reserved rooms are available to our guests from 15:00.
  • The time of departure and the compulsory evacuation of the room is at 11:00.
  • Full charges apply for the day of arrival regardless of the guest’s arrival time.
  • Booked rooms will be held for check-in until 6.00 am the following day of the scheduled check-in date, after which the booking will be deemed cancelled upon no-show and Kritikakis shall be entitled to release the booked room(s) for the remaining stay dates to other guests. No refunds will be provided for the cancelled booking.
  • Upon entering the hotel the customer is obliged to indicate identity card or passport and sign the registration forms as required by the local authorities.

No Show

  • Rooms not occupied by 21:00 on the day of check in time according to their reservation confirmation will be deemed as No-Show, unless prior written arrangement has been made.
  • In the event of a No Show 100% of the total cost of stay is charged. No refunds or compensations apply. 
  • Guests should notify our reception about delayed arrivals due to unexpected circumstances no later than 15:00 on the day of arrival.

Delayed Check Out 

  • If you require a late checkout please liaise with a member of our reception at least one day in advance of your check out. Additional charges may apply. 
  • On the occasion where guests do not manage to vacate their room before 11:00 on the day of their reservation termination, surcharges apply that are equal to half a day’s rent. Should the client not be able to vacate the room before 18:00 on the day of their reservation termination surcharges apply that equal to a whole day’s rent. 

Reservation Extension

  • The room rental is considered to be mutually renewed for each following day beyond the agreed reservation as far as the hotelier does not inform the customers that the lease expires and the clients do not inform the Hotelier that they wish to terminate their stay. 
  • Notification are considered valid only if they come to the attention of our reception at least one day prior to the previously agreed formal date of departure.


Reservation Confirmation

Your reservation is confirmed in written form and sent to you via email. All of your agreed reservation information and charges will be sent for your records. Moreover we inform you of our applicable deposit, pre authorization and cancellation policies that accompany your reservation which we consider to have been red and agreed upon should you not clearly state otherwise. 

Reservation Deposit 

A deposit means the fees paid immediately upon reservation as required to maintain the validity of the reservation and the amount is usually calculated as a percentage on the total cost.

Flexible Reservations: A deposit may or may not be applicable to maintain the validity of the reservation as per the written offer that we email regarding your accommodation and according to the days stated under the cancellation policy of your reservation confirmation document.

Terms and Conditions of the reservation apply as per the reservation confirmation.

Non Refundable Reservations: A non refundable deposit of 100% will be required to validate your reservation, at the time of booking.


  1. A deposit differs from a pre authorization process. Please refer to relevant section for details
  2. For reservations that are completed via Online Travel Agents or Travel Agents the terms and conditions of your reservation apply according to the relevant contract in place with the specific travel agent. Please make sure that you have clearly understood the agent’s reservation terms and conditions at the time that you make your reservation. 

Reservation Modifications

  • Reservations can be modified if the reservation is not a non refundable offer. Reservation modifications are provided free of charge as a service.
  • Modifications of non refundable reservations are dependent on availability and are at the discretion of the hotel’s judgement and circumstances.
  • Reservation modifications are only subject to availability and room rates may vary according to seasonal rate fluctuations and are relative to the time of reservation. 
  • Should our hotel not be able to provide the revisions that you may require, a refund does not apply for that reason. 
  • Reservation alterations are subject to availability and therefore they are not guaranteed.
  • Early departure is charged 100% of the cost of the remaining stay.

Reservation Extensions 

  • The room rental is considered to be mutually renewed for each following day beyond the agreed reservation as far as the hotelier does not inform the customers that the lease expires and the clients do not inform the Hotelier that they wish to terminate their stay. 
  • Notifications are considered valid only if they come to the attention of our reception at least one day prior to the previously agreed formal date of departure.

Reservation Cancellations

  • Cancellations are considered valid if they are sent to our email [email protected] in clearly written format. 
  • No verbal or other alteration or cancelation to the reservation is considered legitimate unless it is offered in written format via email. 
  • Cancellation costs may apply depending on the cancellation policy under which your reservation was made


Payment Methods
We offer the following payment methods

Cash Payment. We accept cash payments in Euros (€) only.

Banking Payment. We accept banking payments and e-banking transfers to our Greek bank accounts (National Bank of Greece, Alpha Bank). 

  • Payment Refence: Each payment should state the surname under which the reservation has been made
  • Payment Deadline: Funds should become visible in our account before the day of your check out and should reference the surname under which the reservation has taken place. 
  • Bank expenses should not be deducted from the agreed cost of stay and they should be paid in full by the payee. 

For further facilitation we would request from you to send us via email a copy of the payment receipt [email protected]

Credit/Debit Card. We accept POS payments with the following affiliated card types Visa, Mastercard, Maestro, JCB. We process remote secure payments for cards via a payment link sent to you via email. In the event that you wish to pay your deposit or the full cost of your stay via credit/debit card you will be required to follow the secure payment process by link with two step verification. Once completed please email a copy for our records at [email protected]

Remote Card Prepayments. We process remote secure payments for cards via a payment link sent to you via email. In the event that you wish to pay your deposit or the full cost of your stay via credit/debit card you will be required to follow the secure payment process by link with two step verification. Once completed please email a copy for our records at [email protected]

Bank Accounts

National Bank of Greece 
Iban: GR76 0110 6820 0000 6824 7007 328 Bic/Swift: ETHNGRAA Beneficiary: Kritikakis Village – Ilias Gerogiannis SA 

Alpha Bank 
Iban: GR72 0140 8390 8390 0200 2004 126 Bic/Swift: CRBAGRAA Beneficiary: Kritikakis Village – Ilias Gerogiannis SA

Clearing of Accounts

  • Please be advised that for the smoothest experience of your stay we would require all outstanding bills to be arranged with our reception one day before your scheduled check out.
  • Accounts can be cleared by card or cash payments on the agreed date prior to departure.
  • Accounts that are arranged by e-banking or banking payments should have been fully completed by the day of your check out with the funds being visible on our banking records. For your convenience, please provide the deposit slip to the appropriate person at the hotel reception. 


  • When a refund is required, the refund will be processed minus bank transfer expenses and currency fluctuations/discrepancies. 
  • Refunds can only be paid into the account or card number from which the initial payment towards our hotel has been made


The Preauthirzation Process

For the safety of the cardholder

Within a time frame that does not exceed 14 days prior to your arrival we withold the right to run a security process which guarantees that the card details provided for the reservations due are valid. This action is a check that verifies the card details submitted are correct and authorized for the future payment of your stay. We will only apply the card-check for an amount that will be less or equivalent to 25% of the total of cost your stay, which will temporarily seem to affect your balance.

  • Our hotel reserves and may exercise the right to check the validity of the card details provided via the preauthorization process that may be applied. 
  • If your card fails to pass the pre authorization check the hotel reserves the right to cancel your reservation without further notice 
  • You have the option of offering new valid card details over a period of two days after you were notified of the failed pre-authorization attempt.
  • Should you fail to provide a new valid card within two days of our formal notification the hotel reserves the right to consider your reservation as invalid without further notice.

The preauthorization process will not charge your card 

The funds in concern remain in your account but become temporarily frozen. Do not be alarmed, as this is a banking process that does not have any cost on your balance, it only withholds an instructed amount in your account for approximately14 days, depending on your bank policy. After the preauthorization period has passed, the amount in concern returns to normal status and becomes available in your bank account automatically. 

You have full control over the payment methods covering the cost of your stay.

In the occasion where there have been no prepayments you are entitled to decide in which way you would like to cover the remaining cost of your stay once you arrive at the hotel. If your reservation does not require prepayment we will only charge your card once you have arrived at our hotel, unless both parties have formally agreed to follow a different payment procedure. 

In order for us to conclude the payment process we would strictly require either your written consent or your physical presence. Your written consent will be required for distance payments using a card. This is managed by completing a form that states the exact amount and confirms the payment order with your signature.


Free Cancellation means is the reservation benefits from a free cancellation period or not.

Cancellation Window: The time window within which the cancellation can be canceled by the client for free. This period is measured in days /hours prior to the guest’s scheduled check in

Cancellation Penalty/Deadline refers to the amount that would be required if the reservation is cancelled beyond the free cancellation period of the reservation agreement.

Cancellation Fees: The penalty/cost of any cancellation that takes place beyond the grace period as stated through the cancellation window of each respective cancellation policy. 

Payment Required The conditions under which payment must be received by the hotel a certain amount of days prior to arrival for the reservation to remain valid. Failure to do so within the agreed time frame will result to immediate cancellation of the reservation.

Reservation Agreement: Refers to the formal offer for accommodation as communicated by our hotel to our guests in written form, via email correspondence. 

Flexible Cancellation Policy

  • For any cancellation that takes place within the free cancelation window, as specified under the reservation agreement, there are no cancellation fees. 
  • For cancellations outside (beyond) the cancellation window, as specified under the reservation agreement, there will be a cancellation penalty fee. 
  • The cancellation fee is specified in the reservation agreement and may vary (from 25%-100% of the total cost of stay)
  • Ιn case of a no-show or in case of departure prior to the arranged date, there will be no refund and 100% of the total price will be charged

Non Refundable Cancellation Policy

  • 100% Non Refundable payment required immediately upon reservation.
  • Our hotel will require a full down payment of the total cost of your stay immediately in order for your reservation to remain valid.
  • Cancellations are not permitted and refunds do not apply. 


Exceptions to these rules may be granted under special circumstances and are subject to the hotel’s discretion and the hotel may offer specific written agreements beyond the aforementioned context.

During your reservation we kindly ask you to take the necessary time to understand the cancellation policy that accompanies the room purchase prices. Such informationmay appear in various formats but is always clearly expressed before the final step of your booking confirmation.

In our direct email offers for your accommodation, we provide thorough details regarding the reservation agreement, the cancellation window and the cancellation fees



The minimum age for the guests allowed in the hotel is 23 years old. Any visitors under the age of 23 will not be allowed to check in and their reservation will be automatically cancelled without a refund if the minimum age is not met.

The only exception to this rule is for parents accompanying their children. A valid ID or Passport should be presented at check in.


Accommodation of Children

  • Accommodation is free for children under 4 years old.
  • Full adult rates apply for children 4 years old and older
  • At our hotel we will be happy to offer you a free playpen and / or child seat, upon request and availability
  • Not all rooms can accommodate a playpen, please contact the front desk if you have childcare requirements on a playpen.
  • In case you are accompanying small children or babies, please inform a member of our reception to provide you with the most suitable services and specialized children’s room equipment
  • Children must always be accompanied and under the supervision of an adult
  • If you notice any potential danger to a child, notify a receptionist immediately
  • While following best practices to ensure a safe environment for children, please keep your children under your constant care and supervision, as we take no responsibility for any damage, accidents or injuries caused by, or related to, children during their stay at our hotel and the improper use of our facilities.

Breakfast of Children

  • For children under 4 years old breakfast is free of charge
  • For children 4 years old and over full breakfast rates are applied


Dogs Guides

Escort dogs (for blind people or similar medical conditions) are in any case accepted after consulting the hotel and presenting the necessary official certified documents


  • Other dogs will not be accepted. Any exceptions are at the sole discretion of the hotel management.
  • The entry and accommodation of other pets in the hotel is prohibited as we do not have properly designed areas


General Hotel Rules of Engagement

  • Guests should behave with courtesy towards the hotel’s staff and fellow customers
  • For any arising complaint they are welcome to refer to the Front Office Manager or the General Manager who would be willing and responsible to satisfy requests to the extent they are feasible and legal.
  • The customer must not cause any damage to the room they occupy or to another room or any of the hotel’s public areas/facilities. 
  • Customers are required to compensate the hotel before leaving for any harm or damage caused to the property by the clients during their stay, either caused by accident or intentionally
  • The number of guests per room should not exceed the capacity prescribed per the room type and in accordance to our formal reservation records.
  • A person who is not a guest (or intends to become immediately) generally has no right to enter or stay at the hotel premises. Nor can one accommodate guests on the hotel premises without the official consent of the hotel
  • It is forbidden to rearrange furniture in rooms or to move furniture to other areas.
  • The retention of pets of any kind in the hotel is prohibited as we do not offer certified areas for such use.
  • The carrying and use of linen towels and other clothing provided by the hotel outside of the room premises is prohibited for health and safety reasons.
  • If the customer violates the provisions of this Regulation, continually makes noise, disturbs other guests and generally behaves inappropriately to them and/or the staff they may be regarded as undesirable, and the hotel management may require them to leave the hotel and to vacate the room within 24 hours.

Damage, Compensation, Legal Action

  • Guests are kindly requested to report any damages or malfunctioning equipment to the hotel’s reception within the first hour of their arrival to the room they have been allocated to and checked in. Any damages within the room beyond that point may be considered to be caused, intentionally or not, by the guests occupying the room.
  • Guests are liable for any damage howsoever caused to the allocated room(s) or to the Hotel premises or property caused by the guests or any persons in their party (whether or not staying at the Hotel) during their stay. 
  • Kritikakis Village reserves the right to retain your credit card and/or debit card details and charge or debit such amounts as it shall in its sole discretion deem fit on the said card(s) to compensate or make good the loss, damage, costs or expenses incurred or suffered by Kritikakis Village as a result of the aforesaid. 
  • In the event that a room or premise remains out of order for a prolonged period of time until the aforementioned damages are repaired, Kritikakis Village may also request compensation for the cost of this period of forced inactivity. 


Our Right to Refuse Accommodation

Kritikakis Village reserves the right to refuse accommodation to any person(s) without any notice and terminate any booking without being liable for any refund or compensation for the following reasons:

  • Failure to meet the terms and conditions of the reservation’s policy
  • The booking has been paid through fraudulent means
  • The people checking in are under the age of 21, having not completed their 21st birthday or lacking a registered custodian that has received the role of the guardian by signing the relevant form of approval by the hotel after prior written notification. 
  • If the person checking in is not or cannot prove with valid official documents that he is the person mentioned in the booking confirmation
  • If a visitor does not accept to fill in / sign the registration form
  • If the guest does not agree to provide a valid passport or ID
  • If the guest’s level of hygiene is considered unacceptable
  • If the visitor is a carrier of a contagious disease
  • If the people checking in are drunk and / or need medical help
  • In the event of any form of violent or antisocial behavior towards hotel staff or guests

Our Right to Terminate Accommodation

Kritikakis Village reserves the right to terminate the accommodation to any person(s) without any notice and terminate immediately any booking without being liable for any refund or compensation if the guest breaks any of the hotel’s rules of engagement including: 

  • Incidents of misconduct and offensive behavior towards staff or guests of Kritikakis Hotel, including any conduct intended to disrupt the normal operation of the hotel
  • Incidents of vandalism or theft on the premises of the hotel and / or guests’ belongings, including incidents of repeated destruction / damage to property or items due to repeated negligence despite official notices given by Kritikakis Village
  • Events where the guest does not comply with the quiet hours 23:00 – 09:00 and causes noise disturbances that disrupt the normal operation of the hotel and / or cause problems to other guests
  • Non-payment incidents – refusal to pay for charged hotel services
  • Organizing large group gatherings, events or parties without prior notice and obtaining the written consent of the hotel manager.
  • Cases of excessive consumption of alcohol or other illegal substances.
  • Violation incidents / trespassing in areas of the hotel outside their normal opening hours.
  • In the event of any conduct that may endanger the health and safety of visitors and staff of Kritikakis Village Hotel.
  • Incidents of violation of federal, state, local or hotel laws or regulations
  • Incidents where a customer or visiting customer brings items, illegal or dangerous, to the hotel premises that could pose a threat towards tits employees or residents.
  • Kritikakis Village also reserves the right to ask you to leave the hotel and remove your belongings from the premises without any compensation and / or refund if, in our opinion, you are considered to have used the hotel room irresponsibly or in a way that would put you in endanger the safety or could potentially threaten and / or cause damage to the hotel room, the hotel premises, other hotel guests, our staff or any other person or reputation of the hotel.


General Hotel Rules of Engagement

  • Upon arrival, the customer must notify a member of our reception and accurately list all valuables and money in his possession and the customer should state whether he/she wishes to use the storage in the safe box of our hotel. 
  • A descriptive statement of the stored valuables is provided by the customer during delivery and is deposited with the goods in the safe and bears his signature. This proceedure should be followed otherwise the hotelier is not responsible for any loss.
  • For the other items brought to the hotel by the customer, the hotelier is released from any liability, if the damage or loss is due to negligence of the customer or the persons accompanying him/her, visiting him or being at his/her service.
  • Also, the hotelier is released from any liability, if the damage, destruction or loss is due to force majeure (earthquake, fire, etc.) or a specific unforseen nature of the event.
  • In case of theft and claim by the customer, you should be able to prove the allegations that his / her valuables were damaged or stolen / damaged due to the hotel’s fault and the requested value of the items in concern should be justified.
  • Any compensation incurred by the hotel to the customer covers only the actual (not the commercial) value of the item (at least reduced by 35% of its proven initial value)
  • Law 835 The hotelier’s liability for the loss of each guest is limited to the amount of eighty eight (88) euros for each guest to whom accommodation services have been offered at the hotel
  • False allegations / complaints are condemned as fraud. The hotel reserves the right to take legal action against individuals for illegal / false claims and damages and to demand pecuniary damages against any malicious attempt to the detriment of the hotel staff, guests and towards the hotel’s reputation.
  • The hotelier has the right to report to the local authorities any event is deemed appropriate and to request their immediate assistance in order to investigate any event that is considered suspicious for theft, fraud and/or involves destruction of goods.


  • Kritikakis Village is responsible for providing the room(s) stated in the Booking Confirmation(s) and according to these Terms and Conditions. We do not accept any liability for failure to provide the services contracted or any of them due to circumstances beyond our control.
  • To the extent permitted by law, we do not accept any liability arising out of any occurrences beyond our control including but not limited to acts of terrorism, acts of God, flood, war, strikes, riot, theft, delay, cancellation, civil disaster, government regulations or changes in itinerary or schedule (collectively, “Force Majeure”).
  • Without affecting any statutory consumer rights or other laws that cannot be lawfully excluded or limited, Kritikakis Village will not be liable for loss of any kind whatsoever arising out of, caused by, attributable to or resulting from your booking or stay at the hotel. 
  • The Hotelier Is Exempt From Liability (Law 834)
  • If the damage/loss is due to the client, visitor, escort or servant
  • If the damage/loss is due to the nature of the guests objects/items of the person entered
  • If the damage/loss was caused by force majeure or situations beyond its means of control
  • Even theft can be considered a force majeure, not a random incident for which the hotelier is responsible, when the thieves employed unfamiliar means or exhibited an exceptional activity against which no means of protection could be obtained, or theft was conducted with armed violence, if theft could not be prevented by any counter measures of resaonable security caretaking.
  • If damage/loss/injury is due to items brought to the hotel and to the knowledge of the hotelier, which were denied entrance or storage by the hotelier with good reason and the customer, even if he knew the ban, nevertheless brought his property to the hotel.
  • All activities have inherent risks to health and safety and while Kritikakis Village follows good practice health and safety protocols Kritikakis Village will not be held responsible for any eventualities related to any activities during your stay at the hotel.
  • Kritikakis Village will not be responsible for any loss or damage of property left in Guest’s room and/or the Hotel property at all times. 
  • Guests are advised to obtain insurance to cover curtailment, and loss of luggage, personal effects, damages, personal injury and money/valuable belongings.
  • Notwithstanding any contrary provision herein, in no event shall Kritikakis Village hotel and its Representatives, employees or licensors be liable to you for any loss or injury or any damages, either direct, indirect, punitive, special, incidental, consequential or otherwise resulting from or in any way connected to these terms and conditions. The hotel may modify these terms at will within legal limits
  • Damage Not Disclosed (Law 837): If the customer, having been informed of the damage/loss unjustifiably delays in announcing it to the hotelier, his/her claim for compensation is waived unless the hotelier has been notified immediately or the damage was due to a fault of the hotelier.
  • Pledge To The Guest’s Property (Law 838) The hotelier has a legal pledge on the possesions that the client has brought to the hotel for his claims from the customer’s stay and from the related benefits of the hotel’s offered services. 
  • Food Safety: We will not be held liable for any allergic reactions or food poisoning or any other condition resulting from food or goods in any form whatsoever, which were not supplied by an official supplier of our hotel or were not prepared exclusively by our kitchen staff. If you have any allergies please inform a member of our staff upon arrival and consult our food allergy charts.
  • The Responsibility Of The Hotelier Lasts Until The Accommodation Is Terminated
  • Once guests have departed, the hotelier’s responsibility seizes to be in effect towards the guest’s damage/loss of personal items that were brought into the hotel
  • This informative document can not include all the provisions that deal with the relationship and obligations of customers and hoteliers and the laws that govern them. It is therefore not

    binding on its scope and may be subject to additional rules not listed in this document

  • Kritikakis Village Hotel reserves the right to change and/or modify, at any time and at its sole discretion, the Terms and Conditions, the scope and availability of the offered Services and  products and any other aspect connected and/or related to the hotel.

Intermediating Service Providers 

If the Services ordered by the user are not services that are provided by KRITIKAKIS, or are not reflecting the confirmed services from KRITIKAKIS to the Providers, the hotel shall be considered as an intermediate only, between the user and service Providers (Agents, Online Travel Agents) and therefore KRITIKAKIS shall not be responsible and/or liable, directly and/or indirectly, to any damage and/or loss, of whatever sort or kind, caused due to the faulty and/or improper performance of those services and the sole responsibility and liability, in this regard, shall be borne by the service providers, according to their terms of service.


We ensure the greatest possible security for our guests and partners 

For the safety of food management and production the hotel has:

  • Certificate of assistance of legal conditions for the operation of a catering company from the Ministry of Economy, Development and Tourism
  • HACP Food Quality Assurance Study
  • Personnel certified to have attended EFET Health & Safety seminars according to ΥΑ 14708/07 

For the safety of our pools the hotel has:

  • Swimming pool operation license from the Ministry of Development and Tourism
  • Archive of measurements and actions of water quality control of our swimming pools
  • Staff certified as Swimming Pool Lifeguards
  • Certified pool water purifiers 

For your general safety the hotel has:

  • Personnel certified by the Ministry of Labor to perform the duties of Security Technician based on the approval decision 50948/1336/071116
  • File of certificates of good operation of electrical installations
  • File of certificates of disinfection and good operation of air conditioners
  • File of certificates of good operation of refrigerators
  • Certified fire safety study and Fire Protection Certificate from the Ministry of Civil Protection
  • Fire management and evacuation plan of the hotel building structure
  • File of certificates of good operation and retreading of fire extinguishers
  • File of certificates for disinfection and disinfestation of the facilities
  • Archive of water quality control measurements for the water supply network


Covid 19 – Health Protocols

Being responsible for the health of many people both associates and visitors we have made efforts to ensure the whole that comes in contact with the Kritikakis Village. For this reason we have taken the following measures

  • We have achieved vaccination coverage of the majority of our staff against Covid-19
  • We conduct repeated preventive self-tests for the unvaccinated members of our staff
  • We have received a “Health First” certificate from the Hotel Chamber for the implementation of security protocols against Covid-19
  • We provide specialized professional cleaning and disinfection equipment which has all the necessary approvals
  • We provide our staff with certified high quality surgical masks to ensure health and combat the spread against Covid-19
  • We use special disinfection and air purification equipment in closed public areas of our hotel
  • We apply new technologies for remote check in and communication with the reception.
  • We provide specialized training to all our staff on security protocols against Covid 19 from official bodies.
  • We have attended specialized training in health and safety from the École hôtelière de Lausanne, one of the world’s leading universities in Tourism
  • We have attended numerous seminars of the competent bodies of Greece.

Collective Obligation to Ensure Good Health & Safety Practices

It is our duty to safeguard the health and safety of all, both within our hotel facilities and towards the general society of Ios. Please follow the necessary safety and prevention rules to combat and avoid potential exposure to the risk of Covid-19 (wear protective masks , wash and disinfect your hands and face, etc.) If in doubt, please ask for the special protection manual from Covid 19 that assists in explaining the protective procedures that protect against Covid19.

If you notice symptoms of illness or if you feel unwell and notice any related symptoms, isolate yourself in your room and immediately inform a member of our staff by phone about your condition and we will help you with all the necessary steps that need to be taken.

Failure to comply with the above rules may result in termination of your stay at the hotel which poses a risk to health and safety.

Seminars, Workshops, Trainings 

  • “Hospitality Hygiene & Occupational Safety Training” Ecole Hoteliere de Lausanne (EHL) 
  • “Prevention measures against coronavirus to be implemented by accommodation companies.” Cyclades Chamber, Prot. No. 4279
  • “Coronavirus prevention measures to be implemented by catering companies.”  Cyclades Chamber, Prot. No. 4180
  • “New Technologies and Tourism in the period of Covid-19” Cyclades Chamber, No. Prot. 4435
  • “Practical instructions and answers that concern the companies of hotel units, accommodation and tourist facilities. ” Cyclades Chamber, Prot. No. 4437
  • “Training Program in Health Protocols in the context of taking measures against the new Coronovirus and the infection of COVID-19 Tourist accommodation for owners, associates and employees ” Gennimatas Learning Center Prot.No. T154-050317343
  • “Training Program in Health Protocols in the context of taking measures against the new Coronovirus and COVID-19 infection of Health Care Companies inside or outside tourist accommodation ” Gennimatas Learning Center Prot.No. E240-050317343
  • “Training Program in Health Protocols in the context of taking measures against of the new coronavirus and COVID-19 infection Transport, travel agencies, tour buses, vehicle rentals ”Gennimatas Learning Center Prot.No. M42-050317343
  • “Tourism and Catering in Greece: Restart Opportunities and Risks for the Coming Season” Metropolitan College, March 2021


Your privacy and personal data are protected in accordance with Greek and European law (GDPR).

  • Security procedures and technical and physical limitations on access to and use of personal data are provided and enforced. 
  • Firewalls prevent any unauthorized access to our network and server. Only competent persons and solely for the performance of duties in connection with our services may have access to as much personal information as is strictly necessary. 
  • The personal details that the user submits while making an order, including the details of his purchase(s), shall be retained by KRITIKAKIS. for its database for a limited period of time
  • The hotel keeps your data for as long as necessary for the fulfillment of the purpose for which you have communicated it to us and in compliance with the applicable legislation on personal data protection. In particular, the data filled in the registration form is kept, until you inform us that you wish to delete them. Identity or passport details such as name, surname, nationality, contact details such as telephone, email, booking details such as date and time of arrival and departure, type and room number, Tax Registry number and competent Tax Office (invoices) credit or debit card details
  • KRITIKAKIS shall not transfer this information to any third party, except to its service providers and only for completing the order.
  • Credit card information from our guests or potential guests is not stored and does not remain with us after the expiration of your stay even if for any reason we become aware of it.
  • For bookings made through Internet Travel Agents (such as or, all personal data and credit card details are encrypted with a protocol used by these businesses.
  • Only once you have provided your consent and after your departure will you receive an email asking us for your opinion about our services and spaces as well as your stay at our hotel. Your resposne will assist in improving our services. 
  • We will delete all your personal data from our records, at your request by sending email to [email protected] (please add “Delete Data Request” as a subject in your email along with your name and surname) with the exception of what we are obliged by the legislation and authorities to keep and make available to any official authority for the purpose of deterring or investigating any crime, in accordance with the law.
  • Unauthorized Use of Personal Information KRITIKAKIS dedicates resources and takes measures to prevent others from using and infringing upon the privacy of the Hotel Clients. Yet it is impossible to totally prevent others from obtaining via criminal activity the information contained within, without KRITIKAKIS knowledge and authorization. Therefore, the user hereby declares that he shall not have any claims and/or demands, of whatever sort, against KRITIKAKIS and or anyone acting on its behalf arising from such unauthorized use of the information if it shall regretfully occur.
  • This Privacy Statement may be amended whenever necessary so as to be in line with the latest developments in European, Greek and International Law.


For public safety reasons, Kritikakis Village has been installed and is operational security system, using surveillance and recording cameras and Internal Closed Circuit Television Recorders.

Camera Positions

The positions of these cameras are:

  1. 1At all entrances of the building
  2. At the Reception
  3. In the pool bar where there is a cash registry
  4. In storage areas
  5. In the garages
  6. At the main junctions and alleys of the hotel
  7. At the pools
  8. Along the perimeter of the building

Supplier / Conservator

The supply of the Camera and recording system took place on from the registered company Stavrakis. The technical support / maintenance of cameras equipment and recordings is carried out by the same company.

Use – Mode of operation – Access to recordings

  • The use of closed circuit logging is done exclusively for security purposes
  • The legal basis for this processing is DIRECTIVE 1/2011 (Prot. C / EX / 2274 / 31.03.2011) “Use of video surveillance systems for protectionof persons and goods ”of APDPH.
  • The cameras record on a continuous basis and keep the data for a specified period of time which is set at 20 days, beyond which the data is erased automatically and permanently without retrieval and the magnetic recording medium is recycled and newer data is recorded on it.
  • Only the company owners and the hotel manager have controlled and classified access to the cameras and recordings through a password.
  • Logs are used if a serious security incident occurs.
  • According to the provisions of the relevant directive of the APDPH (1/2011), the cameras generally target the premises and do not record the characteristics and movements of specific visitors, customers or employees.
  • The recording system where the camera recordings are stored, is located in a constantly controlled and supervised area with graded access, only by the Management and the authorized personnel.
  • Recorded data does not leave the premises of Kritikakis Village by any means and for any reason, except for the investigation of illegal acts or serious security incidents, for a specific recording of a specific period of time and always after written permission of the Security System Supervision Committee.