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Taking Care of Tradition

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The monument of the historic fighter Konstantinos Bouloúmpasis is a point of remembrance for Ios, Greece. It is located in a prominent and pivotal position along the main road from the port to the town and at the beginning of the traditional footpath that connects the port with the town. Unfortunately, this monument had been neglected for years, giving a feeling of abandonment and obliteration. After obtaining approval from the Municipality of Ios, we took action to restore it and proceeded with all the necessary actions, covering all related costs privately.

Initially, the cleaning was carried out, followed by the addition of new soil and planting with new plants. With the valuable assistance of our agricultural collaborators from “Ios Gardens,” we chose plants whose origin is directly connected to Greek nature and which are resistant to the local climate, such as lavender, rosemary, bougainvillea, and olive trees. In addition, an automatic watering system was installed, and finally, a study and application of lighting was carried out to highlight the monument and the informational signs and to create an overall atmospheric lighting. After the work was completed, the monument was transformed once again into a jewel given the attention that it deserves.

In the second phase, with the approval of the Municipality of Ios, we plan to restore the surroundings of the monument such as the flooring and walls.